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  • Chinese new environmental inspection notification in 2018
    Chinese new environmental inspection notification in 2018
    2018-08-23More News
  • Notice on material cost change
    Notice on material cost change
    2018-02-02More News
  • Bearing Tips
    Bearing Tips
    2017-12-15More News
  • Precise bearing installation precautions
    Precise bearing installation precautions

    Precision bearings are mainly used for high-speed rotation of the load occasions, requiring high precision bearings, high speed, low temperature vibration and a certain degree of service life. Often used as high-speed spindle support components used in pairs, is the surface of the high-speed spindle grinding machine hub accessories.

    2017/08/03More News
  • Bearing market
    Bearing market

    With the rapid development of high-tech, such as industry, electronic computer, optoelectronic instruments, precision machinery and so on, the world's bearing industry, which embodies the contemporary scientific and technological level, has entered a comprehensive innovation manufacturing technology, developed rapidly and greatly improved its performance and precision. , Increasingly mature and perfect history of the new period.

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